Center Of Professional Attachment And Alumni Engagement,
The NorthCap University

I. Center Of Professional Attachment And Alumni Engagement (CPAA)

Bang on Impression: TPO, a conventional word, with conventional working methodology, is not the need of the hour for a professional university like NCU. The present day youth has got unfathomable energy to transform society and nation. Therefore to enhance the seriousness to help plan their careers better, the office of a TPO has been revamped into a full-fledged school - "Center Of Professional Attachment And Alumni Engagement - CPAA". The sole objective is to make the students industry ready and capable of standing tall to face contemporary challenges of the corporate world and have a smooth transition from Campus-to-Corporate.

II. Role of CPAA:

CPAA is engaged in carrying out the following tasks:
1. Enhancing student employability
2. Improved industry internship attachment
3. Increased student's ownership
4. Career counselling and gap analysis
5. Continuous improvement in the systems and processes
6. Higher and better job placements with a wider industry reach
7. Obtaining industry feedback for improving the academic curriculum

1. Enhancing Employability
In addition to the hard (technical) skills, soft skills are required to be developed by a student to enhance employability. The main objective of professional attachment is to equip a student with the right kind of skills and attitude so that they can become more effective, efficient and productive in their employer organizations much sooner than otherwise. A lot of efforts are made towards this aspect.
  • Engage in a regular interaction with the students starting from their induction into the university till the time they are placed.
  • Prepare the students for all the facets of placement process:
    • Conduct on line mock aptitude tests with full guidance
    • Arrange Pre Placement Interviews (PPIs) - a full dress rehearsal for facing the job placement interviews.
    • Practice for Group Discussions (GDs)
    • Inputs for improving presentation skills
    • Share "Information Bulletin" to keep the students well informed.
  • Invited Talks - by inviting industry experts from perspective employers
  • Arrange industrial visits

2. Improved industry internship attachment
Great emphasis is made to ensure students to be deputed to industry for their summer internship projects to gain real life work experience and promote chances for their employability with the same industries.
  • Hold interactive sessions with the students to impress upon importance of internship projects for placements
  • Sensitise students for the selection of industry
  • Assistance in selection of companies for summer internship
  • Ensure that each and every student gets absorbed by the industry
  • Issue of NOC for the target company
  • Maintenance of complete internship records
  • Liaison with companies for placements

3. Increased Student's ownership
In order to achieve a continuous and sustained growth, it is very important to have active involvement to the students, the real stakeholders. Two clubs have been floated, which have become very popular and effective
  • Aarohan - for all students except final year
    • Activities related with pre placement preparation
    • Extend help for professional grooming of students
    • Active involvement of student executive members from pre final year
  • Lakshay - for final year students
    • Covers all the placement related activities
    • Registration by the students
    • Opting for attending the placement drive
    • Smooth conduct of placement process

4. Career counselling and gap analysis
It has been seen over the years that students run only to what is visible e.g., the salary offered and don't understand the importance of a suitable job profile. Personal one-on-one counselling sessions are held in helping to bridge the gap.
  • Scanning and explaining the job profiles offered by the companies.
  • Detailed interactive sessions with the students to clear their doubts.

5. Continuous improvement in the systems and processes
A complete review of the systems and processes is regularly carried out for the smooth, efficient and transparent working of the placement process.
  • Availability of on line Placement Portal - very user friendly and popular
  • Well documented and publicised "Placement Procedure"
  • Pre Placement Interview (PPI) procedure and guide
  • Sample aptitude test guides available on the portal
  • Detailed information about visiting employer company is shared with students
  • Improved communication through SMS and E-mail service
  • Departmental CPAA committee for a wider faculty involvement

6. Higher and better job placements with a wider industry reach
The focus has always been to widen the industry reach and get better salary packages for our students. Efforts are made to reach out to a very large number of companies across all verticals and invite them to the campus for carrying out their placement process. It has been achieved by:
  • Targeting all companies already visiting NCU and all other leading companies
  • Increased focus to invite Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Improved networking with the industry
  • Getting additional leads from
    • Student internships
    • Student's parents
    • Alumni
  • Raise the bar every year for the salary package being offered before accepting the companies to conduct campus placement drive at NCU.

7. Obtaining industry feedback for improving the academic curriculum
Identification of a gap between the skills of students and industry requirements is a continuous growing process. Efforts are made to obtain industry feedback at the end of each placement drive to identify the gaps and share with the respective HODs on a regular basis. Accordingly, changes are made in the academic curriculum.

A Commitment:

CPAA at NCU stands committed for hand-holding the students right from the time of their joining the university till they join their dream companies and even thereafter as an alumni for the benefit of their younger college mates in getting better job opportunities. We wish all the students a great academic learning during their stay here at NCU and an equally rewarding career.

Dr. Rohit Singh Lather